Psychotherapy at the Zoological Garden

We are a group practice for psychotherapy in Düsseldorf - Flingern (formerly: Zoo): Our psychotherapists offer support with a wide range of pychological difficulties and illnesses like depression, burn-out, anxieties, eating disorders, sleep disorderts, obsessive-compulsive disorders, marriage crises, ADHS, bulimia, unresolvable grief, traumata, panic attacks, psychosomatic disorders, headaches, colitis ulcerosa,   bruxism and many more.

We offer a wide range of services:


Behaviour Therapy

Behavioral Therapy will be refunded by the public health insurances. It is composed of specific methods, which are based on scientific research. The theroretical backbround of behavior therapy is based on the assumption, that psychological difficulties are related to unresonable belief systems, unresonable fears, and unreasonable behaviour patterns, which can be unlearned and thus changed. Therefore, within behaviour therapy, next to talking therapy aimed at understanding how your difficulties started, we do exposition training, role play and relaxation therapy. By understanding and training we archieve profund change in your emotions as well as changes in unhelpful behaviour patterns.

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