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Graduate Psychologist and child and youth psychotherapist

Sarah Katharina Gemmer

Curriculum Vitae

2021 - today                    

Employment at MVZ Psychotherapie am Zoo
Cooperation practice/teaching practice of the APP Cologne
Continuing education as special pain psychotherapist for KJP

2019 - today                                              

Self-employed in own private practice Düsseldorf as a licensed KJP psychotherapist as a part-time occupation
Continuous training in EMDR therapy
2019Licensed child and adolescent psychotherapist
2018 - 2021                    Child and adolescent psychotherapist at the interdisciplinary social-pediatric center of the University Hospital Cologne (focus on osteology, obesity counseling & endocrinology)
2014 - 2018Treatment management in the curative education-psychotherapeutic center Wülfrath-Aprath (focus on trauma therapy with children and adolescents)
2013 - 2019Training as a child and adolescent psychotherapist (behavioral therapy) at the Academy for Applied Psychology and Psychotherapy APP Cologne
2011 - 2014

Employed psychologist in the child and adolescent psychiatry Viersen-Süchteln

2005 - 2011Study of psychology at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf


Main fields of work

Trauma therapy work with children and adolescents after flight, displacement and war experiences. Counseling and therapy for chronic pain as well as support for chronic somatic illnesses.