Usually, only one of the partners give the impulse to seek advice and help in separation crisis. This always also means searching for a way to save the relationship. Who clearly decides to go, will surely walk away. In all other cases there is a real chance for reconciliation. Therefore, it's the most important step, that both parties come together and work together to find an opportunity. If one of the partners refuses this search, it's almost always the rejection of the hope for a common solution. But relationships do only work, if compromises are found together. 

In some cases, the problems of the couple are clearly the problems of one of the partners. This also has to be discussed together. In such cases,  the work is focussed on the individual, but couple calls can be part of it. It also happens that someone is stuck in a pathological relationship out of fear and helplessness. Here psychotherapy can be a path to liberation. 

For almost everyone, the marriage and starting a family is the central decision in life. No other personal choice takes more years of life, more hope, more time, more strength, love und ultimately money. The success or failure of this business is crucial for life happiness and satisfaction. Neither money nor fame or power can compensate the failure of a marriage. Many people are getting affected,  most of all the children, but also the relatives and friends. There is rarely a second chance.

Nobody throws a marriage away carelessly. Usually, the separation processes take very long and there a many chances that have to be lost until the final separation. Much pain and disappointment is created in there, but there are also ways that can lead to less destructive separations and to reconciliation and preservation of marriage as well. 

At the beginning of this process, the partners need to start talking to each other again. It's important to develop an empathy for the position of the other and to develop constructive, reliable behavior for the attempt at reconciliation. The hidden feelings need to be expressed and communicated to each other. At this point, the help of an experienced psychotherapist is useful.