First, the expectations, the formalities and possible dates will be negotiated by phone or E-mail. 

A couple therapy is not as complicated as an individual therapy. Most of the couple therapies I've made in recent years included one, two or three sessions. Only a small percentage of couples decided to do more than 5 or 8 sessions. In these cases, there were always huge problems in the biography of one or both partners, so that the couple therapy changed into individual therapy, where both parties are still present at the same time.  

Partnerships do often last many years. The problems that need to be discussed do often have a long history. Even obviously neccessary changes take their time. Therefore, couples therapy is a process that typically drags on for months. 

Even if conflicts can boil up very painful in one moment, the processes of solution are usually lengthy. Marriages do not break overnight. Nobody breaks up spontaneously and normally, there's always room for a second conversation and a "recheck" of things.

That's why i usually do couples therapy every three to five weeks, about one meeting a month. This also helps to limit the  financial burden.