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Psychotherapeutic practice
in Düsseldorf-Flingern

Welcome to the official website of our practice for psychotherapy

Our psychotherapists offer help with a wide range of psychological problems and mental illnesses such as depression, burn-out syndrome, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, sleep disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, grief, personality disorders, panic attacks, trauma related disorders, psychosomatic disorders, autism spectrum disorders, psychotic disorders, life crises and much more.

We offer a wide range of services

Individual therapy

We offer individual therapy with a cognitive-behavioural focus. In addition to cognitive behavioural therapy, we also use other methods, such as psychodrama or imaginative methods.

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Couples therapy

In couples therapy, both partners in conflict participate in one or more sessions. It focuses on the feelings of both partners towards each other and on clarifying the underlying conflicts.

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Children & Adolescents

Our psychotherapists for children and adolescents care for patients with procedures specially adapted to this age group and can help with issues such as depression, eating disorders and other behavioural problems.

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We offer a therapy group in our office on Wednesday evenings that focuses on self-acceptance, increasing self-esteem, and promoting self-confidence. 

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The main difference between coaching and psychotherapy is the focus of the issue to be addressed. Unlike psychotherapy, the treatment in coaching is related to a specific problem.

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Current information

Psychotherapy in our practice during the Corona crisis

Certainly, your therapy is a social contact that you would not like to do without. We are happy to be there for you throughout the Corona Crisis. As of today (17.03.20) we are glad to inform you that we are seeing patients in person in our practice until further notice.

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Psychotherapy is now also possible via videocall

As of March 24, 2020, it is also possible to perform therapy sessions and new patient admissions via videocall.

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We are continuously offering therapy and new admissions

Even during the current Corona crisis, we are conducting ongoing regular psychotherapy sessions. We are continuously accepting new patients and offering therapy sessions, as we have in the past.

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Free appointments

for therapy?

Search & find available therapy appointments in our database “Psychotherapeutensuche”

Every day, people call psychotherapy offices looking for help in a crisis. Far too often, psychotherapists have to turn these people away due to a lack of available time slots.

Please find information on why it remains so difficult to find a therapist and what you can do to improve your search below.

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