Virtually all messages that reach us through this form, are requests for a place for therapy. Almost always it is the case that we have to refer you to the waiting list, because there are no free therapy places at the moment. 

In order to ever be able to say if and when you can be taken, we need to know a little more about the background of your inquiry. We therefore need to ask and that takes time, which we often do not have. Then you have to wait even longer for a reply. So please fill out the special form for the waiting list!

You can call us just before the full hour at 0211-69 99 09 39. We also have Fax: 0211-3859835. Most of all, we'd like to get an e-mail!

Due to new regulations in german laws, we are now requiered to tell you, that we will answer to your questions by responding with a normal, unencrypted email. If you insist on encryption, write to us with your encryption enabled program, so that we have your public key. 

In all other cases, you can send us a message: