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The essential difference between coaching and psychotherapy lies in the focus of the subject to be clarified. According to a common definition, the subject of psychotherapy is the treatment of disorders of perception and behaviour. Coaching, on the other hand, is related to the treatment of a specific problem.

The term coaching originates from America. A coach is, strictly speaking, a trainer who usually works with athletes, paying attention not only to the purely physical aspects of training, but also to the psychological aspects of the competitive situation. Typically, coaching, as it is now understood, is about overcoming professional problems, or solving relationship conflicts. Professional problems may be about resolving a bullying situation, achieving certain career goals, planning self-employment or developing a particular project. One's own feelings in the process should only be seen as a guideline: Which situations trigger which feelings? Which rationally formulated goals are also relevant on an emotional level?


Supervision is the counselling of colleagues who work in a social profession and want to look at their behaviour and feelings in relation to clients and/or difficult cases. It is therefore coaching in relation to the social profession and the interaction with clients. Supervision exists for practically all social professions, for example doctors, (psycho)therapists, teachers, coaches, trainers, kindergarten teachers, social workers and nursing professions.

There is also a special form of supervision held among a group of colleagues. If you would like such supervision, also called external supervision, please contact us.


A consulting session, no matter if it is booked as "coaching" or "supervision", is similar to a psychotherapeutic session. Here, too, the usual time frame is 50 min. However, if the goal is to reach a clarification or a decision immediately, the session can be extended if necessary. However, such sessions with an open end are only possible by prior arrangement. This can usually only be arranged in the evening. It is also possible to conduct a coaching or supervision session by videocall, telephone or even by email.



  • The costs of coaching and supervision are not covered by health insurance.
  • The price for 50 min is 120.- €; on weekends or holidays 140.- €.
  • A consultation by e-mail and the cost must be agreed upon in advance.