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Couples Therapy

in our MVZ

In relationships, roles and structures often develop unconsciously over time, which can easily lead to conflicts, accusations and a lack of understanding each other. Recognizing and discarding these patterns and understanding the other person's perspective is often difficult for couples in an entrenched relationship structure. Relationship problems often revolve around issues such as autonomy versus commitment, differing expectations, sexuality and closeness, unfulfilled desire for children, jealousy, fear of loss or abandonment, external relationships, boredom and emotional distancing.

In couples therapy, both partners in conflict participate in the session. Therefore, couples therapy always focuses on the feelings of both partners, and especially on the communication between them.

The therapist does not take the role of a mediator but creates a framework for the couple in which the different needs, emotions and fears can be expressed. The goal of couples therapy is for the couple to learn to agree on how they want to live together.

Therapy as a couple or alone?

Usually, the idea to seek counselling in a relationship crisis comes from only one of the partners. While one partner may have the desire to save the relationship, the other may have already made the decision to leave. Therefore, it is important that both partners are motivated to make chances and look for a chance together.

In some cases, the problems of the couple are clearly the problems of one partner. This also needs to be discussed together. In such cases, the focus of the work is the individual, and couples sessions can be a part of that. It also happens that one person is stuck in an unhappy relationship out of fear or helplessness. Here psychotherapy can be a way to liberation.


Before therapy begins, expectations, formalities and appointments are discussed with the psychotherapist by phone or email. Experience shows that most couples therapy involves one, two or three sessions, three to five weeks apart. Only in rare cases do couples decide to engage in a process of more than five sessions. Generally, couples sessions take place during the week in the evening. However, in some circumstances, a Saturday afternoon appointment can be arranged. You must assume that the session length of 50 minutes will be exceeded in most cases, so a session will last 1 ½ - 2 hrs.



  • The costs for couples therapy are not covered by health insurance.
  • The price for 50 min is 140.- €; on weekends or holidays 160.- €.
  • The typical 1 ½ hour session therefore costs 210.- €.